Eliminate The Performance Gap

Our novel and patented InFill® Interbody Fusion Systems in situ graft delivery solution is the backbone of our innovative line of interbody fusion devices and represents an evolution in spine fusion. The intelligent, easy-to-use InFill fusion and graft delivery systems provide surgeons greater flexibility and control. The result: delivering optimal bone graft volume and placement, providing the opportunity for a robust fusion column, and maximizing bone graft-to-endplate contact.

InFill is quite simply the only patented technology that allows maximum bone graft-to-endplate contact for posterior interbody lumbar fusion.

Science has shown that in many unilateral posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedures, less than 50% of the disc area is actually grafted.* Close the performance gap with confidence, with the only patented Interbody Fusion System designed to deliver maximized graft-to-endplate contact.


* W Sukovich. Progress, Challenges And Opportunities In Disc Space Preparation For Lumbar Interbody Fusion. The Internet Journal of Spine Surgery. 2004 Volume 1 Number 2.


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** Burak M. Ozgur, MD FAANS, Erin Gleckman, PA-C (2013) InFillĀ® Lateral System: a novel technique for optimizing graft filling and endplate contact in lumbar interbody fusion surgery.
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