InFilling the Biologic Void™

Because traditional implant systems fall short

The Issue

A universal challenge surgeons face during many lateral fusion procedures is the lack of graft-to-end plate contact during cage placement. Endplates of the lumbar vertebrae are usually concave, while the contact points of the cage are typically flat. This results in a gap in surface area between the bone graft and endplate. This area of non-contact is called the “biologic void”.

In order to overcome this gap, surgeons have traditionally relied on powerful and expensive biologic products to increase the chances for fusion to occur.

The Solution

The InFill Interbody Fusion System is designed to help solve this issue. Using patented InFill technology, surgeons can safely inject bone graft material into the cage after implantation or “top off” a pre-packed implanted cage to achieve an optimal fill of the biologic void, and achieve greater endplate-to-endplate contact of the bone graft.

Due to the ability to fill the biologic void, many surgeons who use the InFill system require less expensive biologics to achieve a robust fusion.

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The InFill Advantage

InFill® Interbody Fusion Systems address the universal challenge of more completely filling the “biologic void”—the region of non-contact between the implant, bone graft and the vertebral endplates—in lumbar spine fusion procedures. The key component to the InFill system is its in situ graft delivery technology, which allows surgeons to fill the cage with bone graft after implantation or to “top off” a pre-packed implanted cage with supplemental bone graft.

InFill In Situ Technology 3-StepPinnacle Spine Group was founded on the basis that more can be done for patients and surgeons. The best advances in medical care may start from a single, maybe even simple, idea. However, we believe that collaboration with like-minded professionals is critical to ensuring these ideas are thoroughly vetted, and scrutinized, so that they can ultimately transition from an idea into action and eventually positive change.

And thus came the idea to design a fusion system allowing surgeons better direction and control over graft delivery.

InFill Interbody Fusion Systems LogoPatented technology designed to address the universal challenge of filling the biological void in lumbar spine fusion procedures

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