About Us

Our Mission

Pinnacle Spine Group is dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative best-in-class spinal implants and instruments that offer greater opportunities for positive patient outcomes. We are committed to providing surgeons increased control, flexibility and choices when it comes to implants, instrumentation and autograft delivery, providing a better experience for surgeons and their staff so they can better serve their patients.

Company Overview

Pinnacle Spine Group was established in 2010, and is led by Jim Lynn, President, and Russell W. Nelson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer. Lynn and Nelson pioneered the novel InFill™ technology, allowing controlled, measured, directed, and contained bone graft delivery into an implanted device. InFill™ technology optimizes graft material volume within the disc space to facilitate optimal contact with vertebral endplates – a critical element in positive fusion outcomes.

Pinnacle Spine Group was the first company to bring to market a patented spinal fusion system with integrated in situ graft delivery capabilities. Today, the InFill® family of Interbody Fusion Systems features:

  • Larger load-bearing surface area for maximum contact with the epiphyseal ring, designed to reduce subsidence,
  • Larger graft chambers to accommodate higher volumes of bone graft material
  • A unique tooth geometry that prevents implant displacement post insertion
  • Unique graft hooks within the graft chamber to secure any pre-packed bone material
  • Vents along the anterior wall to allow for the flow of bone graft into the anterior disc space
  • A threaded port hole on the proximal end of the implant that allows for a secure connection to the inserter, and for access for the graft delivery tubes to the graft chamber